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This journal was first published in January 2000 ISSN: <a href="">1411-4585</a> (Print) and ISSN: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2549-6743</a> (Electronic), publish biannually (April and November).</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">The main focuses of this journal are the Administration of Education, Guidance and Counseling, Educational Technology, Elementary School Teacher Education, Early Childhood Education, Special Education, and Non-Formal Education. The main focus consistis: (a) evaluation reports and research findings; (b) problem solving, conceptual and methodological, and / or; (c) the text concerning consideration of the implications for action, and / or (d) an extensive review of the book (extensive book reviews) of the intended field.</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p style="text-align: justify;"><span class="st">The author who will submit the manuscript after deadline of submission as long as meet the requirement for publication in this journal will be process for next issue. The paper submission and reviewing procedures in <strong>Pedagogi: Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan</strong> will be processed with the web-based system via the Open Journal System (OJS) by Public Knowledge Project (PKP). We strongly prefer to receive manuscripts via our online submission system. 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Prof. Dr. Hamka Kampus UNP Air Tawar Padang<br> Telp. +627517058693 E-mail:</p> </div> </div> </div> Perbedaan Hasil Belajar Penggunaan E-learning Berbasis Video Pada Mata Kuliah Desain Pembelajaran PAI 2023-11-30T04:07:30+00:00 Azrul Azrul <p>Tujuan penelitian ini adalah mengungkap perbedaan hasil belajar dari implementasi model e-learning berbasis video pada mata kuliah desain pembelajaran PAI. Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk menemukan formula penerapan model e-learning berbasis video mengunakan LMS sebagai salah satu wadah untuk memperkuat struktur kognitif mahasiswa agar mahasiswa sampai pada tahap konstruksi pengetahuan. Pada penelitian ini diterapkan pembelajaran PAI yang mengintegrasikan teknologi digital dibutuhkan untuk mempersiapkan mahasiwa yang memiliki literasi digital. Desain penelitian yang dilakukan adalah eksperimen. Polulasi penelitian terdari mahasiswa mata kuliah desian pembelajaran PAI Prodi PAI Universitas Islam Negeri Imam Bonjol Padang. Kelas ekperimen diterapkan model online learning berbasis video di LMS sedangkan kelas kontrol menggunakan online learning berbasis gambar di LMS. Instrumen yang digunakan adalah soal tes. Soal telah memenuhi syarat sebuah instrument untuk mengukur hasil belajar. Kemudian data dianalisis dengan Teknik t-test untuk mengungkap signifikansi perbedaan hasil belajar. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian diperoleh hasil bahwa hasil belajar dengan nilai t 3,351 &gt; dari 0,05 ini berarti terdapat perbedaan yang signifikan antara hasil belajar kelas eksperimen dengan kelas kontrol. Hal ini dapat disimpulkan bahwa model online learning berbasis video dapat digunakan untuk karakteristik mata kuliah desain pembelajaran PAI dan karakteristik mahasiswa</p> 2023-11-18T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Impact The Impact of Principal Decision Making for Improving Education Quality 2023-11-30T04:08:24+00:00 Afentis Nehe Wasitohadi Wasitohadi Marinu Waruwu <p>This study aims to determine the impact of the principal's decision-making on improving the quality of education at SMP Negeri 3 Gunungsitoli Selatan. To achieve this goal, the researchers used data collection techniques through interviews, observation, and documentation. Students and teachers are the source of the research and the data is processed using a qualitative descriptive analysis to determine the impact of the Principal's Decision Making on improving the quality of Education at SMP Negeri 3 Gunungsitoli Selatan. The results of the study show that: (1) The impact of the Principal's Decision Making at SMP Negeri 3 Gunungsitoli Selatan shows very significant results (2) Students at SMP Negeri 3 Gunungsitoli Selatan are very responsive and able to improve student achievement (3) The Impact of Influence on the Decision Making of the Principal towards teachers at SMP Negeri 3 Gunungsitoli Selatan is very strong and shows positive results for the teaching and learning process at school.</p> 2023-11-18T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Civic Value and Political Interest as Determinants of Political Participation Among Primary School Teachers in Oyo State 2023-11-30T04:09:02+00:00 Muraina Kamilu Olanrewaju Muraina Kehinde Maruf Oladele Omolare <p><em>The purpose of this study was to examine civic value and political interest as determinants of political participation among primary school teachers in Oyo state. Five hundred participants constituted the study’s sample out of which only 476 were used after data administration. Both the independent and dependent variables were measured with validated instruments with 0.91 reliability co-efficient and the data obtained was analyzed using Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) Statistical method. Two research hypotheses were formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. The result showed that there was significant relationship between civic value and political participation among primary school teachers (r= .813; p&lt;0.05) as well as between political interest and political participation among primary school teachers (r= .701; p&lt;0.05). The implication of this showed that civic value and political interest had significant impacts on political participation among primary school teachers. In view of these findings, it was recommended that educational stakeholders should intensify their effort to institute a culture of civic value in the institution so as to improve on the level of political participation among primary school teachers. </em></p> 2023-11-18T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Educational Planning and Development 2023-11-30T04:09:58+00:00 Tin Moh Moh Swe Hadiyanto Hadiyanto Yahya Yahya <p>A directed education process will bring this nation towards a better civilization. Conversely, an educational process that is not directed will only take up time, energy and funds without any results. Thus, the education system as the implementation of national education greatly determines the progress of a nation. To realize the goals of education, it is necessary to carry out planning and development in the world of education which continues to move forward by utilizing familiar technology in the 4.0 era. Planning is something that is important before doing anything else. Planning is considered important because it will determine and at the same time give direction to the goals to be achieved. Thus a work will be messy and undirected if there is no proper planning, careful and well-organized planning will have an impact on the achievement of educational goals that have been programmed. In addition, development can also determine the success or failure of a program, programs that do not go through good planning, then development tends to fail. The method in this research is literature review, namely by reviewing books and journals in accordance with the theory discussed in the article theme, namely to carry out in-depth discussions regarding Educational Planning and Development so that it can run optimally.</p> <p><strong>Keywords</strong>: Planning, Development, Education</p> 2023-11-18T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analisis Peran Pola Asuh Orang Tua terhadap Motivasi Belajar Anak Sekolah Dasar 2023-11-30T04:11:03+00:00 Mega Silvia Herini Jingga Febri Yona Malta Mai Sri Lena Sartono Sartono <p><em>This study aims to analyze people's parenting patterns on the learning motivation of elementary school children. With the role of parenting on the learning motivation of elementary school children as a problem formulation. The type of research used is surveys and questionnaires as research instruments to collect data from children's parents. The sample of this study was 152 parents of randomly selected elementary school children. Quantitative descriptive methods are used in this study as a stage in conducting research. Quantitative descriptive analysis as data analysis used in this study.</em></p> <p><em>From the survey results, the most commonly used parenting style is democratic parenting. Next is authoritarian parenting and the last is permissive parenting. Upbringing, roles, and parenting styles greatly affect the emergence of children's learning motivation. Generally, parents are more amenable to democratic and authoritarian parenting, because with both parenting styles children want to learn. While parents of elementary school children from the results of many studies disagree regarding permissive parenting because it can make children have less motivation.</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords: </em></strong><em>Parenting, Authoritarian, Democratic, Permissive</em></p> 2023-11-18T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Attachment Theory: The Mother’s Influences Across The Child’s Lifespan 2023-11-30T04:13:10+00:00 Abayomi Israel Olaofe Habibat Princess Odumosu <p><strong>ABSTRACT</strong></p> <p>This study aimed to elucidate the nature of Attachment that exists between mother or caregiver from the lenses of Attachment Theory; explained the tenants of Attachment Theory as it’s relates to Human Development from foetus to adulthood, and the levels and characteristics of attachment existing between mother and/ or caregiver figures.</p> <p>This study discovered that the child diversifies its attachment needs to individuals based on needs and satisfaction of those needs as the child grows from one developmental milestone to another.</p> <p>The study concluded that the child’s Attachment with parents or caregiver is not maintained throughout lifespan, ever it is characterised based on needs.</p> 2023-11-18T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Peningkatan Kompetensi Pedagogi Guru dalam Mengelola Pembelajaran Menyenangkan Berbasis Digital melalui Pelatihan 2023-11-30T04:14:55+00:00 Tia Ayu Ningrum Nurmina Nurmina Nikmah Hayati Fifin Wildana <p>The high dropout rate is one of the problems that is very urgent to find a solution. Efforts are made to provide training to teachers to improve teachers' pedagogical competence in order to manage fun learning and motivate students so as to minimize the dropout rate. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to explain how the effect of training can improve teachers' pedagogical competence and produce fun learning. The method used in this research is descriptive quantitative which in this paper shows the comparison of pre-test and post-test results. Data was obtained using a questionnaire instrument. The results of data processing show that there is a difference in the results of the pretest and posttest after attending training on teacher pedagogical competence in managing technology-based fun learning. This means that there is an effect of training on improving teacher competence and teacher ability in creating fun learning. For this reason, teachers need to be given training in order to improve the necessary competencies.</p> 2023-11-29T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analysis of High School Teacher Pedagogic Competence 2023-11-30T04:16:05+00:00 Irsyad Irsyad Ilham Zamil <p>This study aims to reveal the pedagogic competence of high school teachers. Based on the results of the study, it was found that the teacher's ability to carry out learning was still lacking. The teacher does not appreciate the courage and willingness of students in answering the questions given. Teachers also rarely use learning media and the methods used are also monotonous. Teachers also pay less attention to their students when learning takes place. This research includes quantitative descriptive analysis research. The population of this study were all teachers at public high schools in the city of Padang. The research sample was 67 people with the sampling technique being carried out using the Proportional Stratified Random Sampling technique. The research instrument was a questionnaire which was distributed to the research sample. Based on the results of the study it is known that 1) High School Teacher Pedagogic Competence from the aspect of understanding the characteristics of students is in the capable category. 2) The Pedagogic Competence of High School Teachers from the aspect of understanding learning theory and educational principles of learning is in the underprivileged category. 3) The Pedagogic Competence of High School Teachers from the aspect of ability in developing the curriculum is in the capable category. This proves that the analysis of the pedagogic competence of high school teachers is already capable, but still needs to be improved in the future.</p> 2023-11-29T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Competence of Personality Preservice Teacher Based on The Strengthening of Character Education 2023-11-30T04:17:00+00:00 Mutiara Felicita Amsal <p>Personality competencies are one of the four competencies that the educators should have. LPTK is a college that will produce prospective teachers. This study aims to improve the competence of the personality of the prospective teacher through the strengthening of character education. The research method used is a mixed method, which is using quantitative method to see the effect and qualitative methods to describe the data of the research. Based on the results of the research, there are six aspects of strengthening the character education associated with the personnel competence of prospective teachers, namely: 1) The attitude of nationalism and patriotism, 2) appreciates the difference, 3) prioritizing the appealing, 4) stressful and authoritative attitude, 5) discipline attitude, and 6) calls of the soul. The sixth of this aspect is included in the character of strengthening the character education to improve the ability of personality student personnel prospective teachers.This model of characterizing strengthening can be used for learning in college science, especially the primary education of the school element teacher concludes future candidates.</p> 2023-11-29T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Pengelolaan Kurikulum Merdeka di SMK Negeri 2 Padang 2023-11-30T04:17:53+00:00 Pramudia Yordi Hermawan Jasria Jasria <p><strong>Abstrac</strong><strong>t</strong></p> <p>The purpose of this study was to gather information about the management of the independent curriculum (kurikulum merdeka) at SMK Negeri 2 Padang in terms of the aspects of lesson planning, implementation of learning, learning assessment and learning follow-up. This type of research is descriptive. The instrument in this research is a questionnaire. The results of the study stated that the independent curriculum (kurikulum merdeka) management at SMK Negeri 2 Padang in aspects 1) learning planning with an average score of 4.12 was in the good category, 2) learning implementation with an average score of 4.09 was in the good category, 3) learning assessment with an average score of 4.07 was in the good category, 4) follow-up learning with an average score of 3.88 was in the good category. It can be concluded that the kurikulum merdeka management at SMK Negeri 2 Padang is in the good category with an average score of 4.04.</p> 2023-11-29T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Hubungan Lingkungan Sekolah Dan Motivasi Belajar Dengan Keterampilan Sosial Siswa Sekolah Dasar 2023-11-30T04:19:33+00:00 Rusmin Husain Yolanda Yolanda <p>This research aims to determine the relationship between the school environment and learning motivation with the social skills of third-grade students at SD Negeri 5 Tilamuta, Boalemo Regency. The objective is to investigate the relationship between learning motivation and students' social skills at Negeri 5 Elementary School in Tilamuta, Boalemo Regency. The research method used in this study is correlational. A sample of 33 students was selected using purposive sampling from a total student population of 187. The results obtained in this study are as follows: There is a correlation between the school environment and children's social skills at Negeri 5 Tilamuta Elementary School, Boalemo Regency, with a correlation coefficient of 42.9%. There is a relationship between learning motivation and children's social skills at Negeri 5 Tilamuta Elementary School, Boalemo Regency, with a correlation coefficient of 19.17%. There is a combined relationship between the school environment, learning motivation, and children's social skills at Negeri 5 Elementary School in Tilamuta, Boalemo Regency, with a correlation coefficient of 68%.</p> 2023-11-29T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Evaluation of Implementation of Inclusive Education in West Sumatera 2023-11-30T04:21:15+00:00 Nurhastuti Nurhastuti Irdamurni Irdamurni Damri Damri Jehan Nabela Oktaviani <p>The implementation of inclusive education in West Sumatera has been on 6 (six) years. In this period it has shown a fairly long journey. Therefore, the implementation of inclusive education in West Sumatera is comprehensively evaluated for the realization of the inclusive education goals. The evaluation process itself will be useful to see the inclusive values that have occurred in primary schools that serve students with special needs in West Sumatra. The result of this research is the context component which covers the policy aspect of the program implementation, the program objectives and the context of its relation with the social culture of the society has not been fully implemented properly. The input components covering aspects of learners (students), educators (teachers), curriculum, infrastructure facilities, and financing the implementation of programs in inclusive schools have not been fully implemented properly. Process components that include aspects of learning planning activities, implementation of learning, and evaluation of learning and difficulties faced by teachers in teaching children with special needs in inclusive schools have not been fully implemented properly. Product components that include aspects of academic development of children with special needs and aspects of social skills development of students in inclusive schools can be said to have been implemented properly.</p> 2023-11-29T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Pengembangan Model Pembelajaran Mandiri Untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Berfikir Kritis Mahasiswa Sastra Jepang 2023-11-30T04:33:46+00:00 Oslan Amril Diana Kartika Tienn Immerry Ulfaizah Ulfaizah Jelita Maharani Jelita Maharani Susi Widianti Titik Fujita Yusandara <p>This research was conducted based on the low level of students' critical thinking skills because the learning process carried out in class was considered less effective in developing students' interests, talents and potential. The purpose of this research is generally carried out to determine the extent to which the application of the independent learning method in improving student learning outcomes of the Japanese Literature Study Program. Specifically, this research aims to describe the steps for implementing the self-learning method which includes planning, implementation, and evaluation, as well as describing the application of the self-learning method. Independent learning methods are implemented to overcome these problems so that students have motivation, more learning experiences, and students will be more independent. The data collection techniques used were questionnaires, interviews, and data validation as a review to see the validity of the data. The results of the study obtained data. Learning activities with a critical thinking approach had an impact on changing the way students think. These changes can be seen from the questionnaire data which shows that the majority of the sample agreed with statement number 8 as much as 76%. In the next sequence is statement no.15 with the number of those who answered agree as much as 75%. Statements no.12, no.13, and no.16 received 60% answers. Meanwhile statement.</p> 2023-11-29T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PC Towards Understanding Zimbabwe’s Competence-Based Science Curriculum and its Implications on the Study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 2023-11-30T04:14:18+00:00 Pinias Chikuvadze <p>This study sought to gain an understanding of the Competence-Based Science Curriculum - CBSC as an approach that enhances students’ acquisition of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - STEM knowledge, skills, and attitudes. In this conceptual paper, structural analysis formed the methodological framework that guided the cross-examination of the purposively selected research articles and document policies. Structural content analysis was used to interrogate the generated data. From the findings and discussion, it was noted that the CBSC was seen as an approach that is learner-centred and grounded in constructivism and perennialism philosophies. Thus, it promotes students’ interaction with their environment during STEM learning. Though CBSC can be well-planned, designed, and documented, it is marred with some challenges. From this, the discussion forwarded possible solutions geared towards equipping teachers with relevant knowledge, and skills to effectively implement the new approach in learning activities. From this discussion, it can be concluded that CBSC as an approach if effectively implemented can promote the acquisition of STEM knowledge, skills, and attitudes.</p> 2023-11-18T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Enhancing Scientific Problem-Solving of Grade 10 Students through Problem-Based Learning with Ethical Dilemmas 2023-11-30T08:50:32+00:00 Piyatida Thaochalee Prasart Nuangchalerm <p>The purposes of this research were 1) to compare the achievement after using problem-based learning with ethical dilemmas on genetic variation and biotechnology with the criteria of 70 percent, 2) to compare the problem solving in science of Grade 10 students after learned with problem-based learning with ethical dilemmas with the criteria of 70 percent, and 3) to study satisfaction with problem-based learning with ethical dilemmas on genetic variation and biotechnology. The sample used in this research were 38 of Grade 10 students in the academic year 2022. Data were analyzed using mean, percentage, standard deviation. and t-test. The results of the research were as follows 1) the achievement of Grade 10 students receiving problem-based learning with ethical dilemmas after learning was not different from the criterion of 70 percent at a statistical significance level of .05, 2) the scientific problem solving ability of Grade 10 students who received a problem-based learning with ethical dilemmas were not different from the criterion of 75 percent at a statistical significance level of .05, and 3) the students were satisfied with the problem-based learning with ethical dilemmas at the highest level.</p> 2023-11-30T08:25:22+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##